Monday, November 14, 2011

A quick note about self publishing Renaissance stories: IMPORTANT

Note from Stuart:

A few of you have sent us e-mails, or have kept to yourself, about self-publishing your Renaissance stories. Please understand the fact that at this moment  I retain the copyright to the shared world of Renaissance and the naming of the locations.

I am working on some methods so that we could work together as a collective in publishing. This is one of the news items that I have been holding back simply because it is a lot of work to get this going.

If you are interested in pursuing this (this meaning publishing on your own)  you must contact me first.

Thank you all. This is only the beginning.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

And The Winners Are...

First prize goes to Corinne - by a generous margin. Drumroll and trumpets! Corinne wins a $50 USD gift card from Amazon.

Polling was EXTREMELY close for the rest of the entries. And here they are....
Second prize goes to Misha. Applause! Misha wins a $10 USD gift card from Amazon and the opportunity to guest blog or be interviewed by the four hosts of REN3 on their blogs:  Stuart, Damyanti, JC, and Lisa.

Third prize goes to Frederick . Congratulations!  
Frederick wins a bundle of e-books from several authors: 
1.Michael Hicks,     "In Her Name: Empire"

2. Marcus Clearspring, "Walkabout Gnomes"

3. Alex J Cavanaugh, "CassaStar"

4. S.L. Pierce, "The Hate", "The Devil's Game", "Secrets"

5. Faith Mortimer, "Echoes Of Life and Love"

            6. Talli Roland, "Watching Willow Watts"
Honourable mentions go to the following entries: Golden Eagle, Barbara and Colleen

Golden Eagle will receive a copy of the "Dawn Of Indie Romance" anthology containing Stuart's short story Red Head Riding.

Barbara will receive a copy of  JC Martin and Michelle Argyle's anthology "Stories For Sendai".
Colleen will receive a copy of  Damyanti's "A to Z: Stories Of life and Death".
Stuart has graciously offered a copy of his recently published short story "Flashover"  to each of the "long list" finalists:
#16     David Powers King 
#20     Kwee Writings 
#66     ZC 
#68     Hugo van Zijl 
To receive your copy, please contact Stuart at:
For anyone interested in more information on the prize ebooks and their authors, it can be found on my featured authors page until January 2012.
We hope to get that information archived here on the REN3 home page by then

Congratulations to everyone, and remember to tip your hosts:  DAMYANTI BISWAS, STUART NAGER, JC MARTIN, LISA VOOGHT . We hope that you have all enjoyed your first trip to Renaissance, that you will take up residence with us here, and that you will help to spread the word about our burgeoning community.
Our badge - concept by Lisa, artwork by Portia